Frequently Asked Questions

Every time we deal with potential clients. They have questions. Most of these questions are common. Our answers are always the same. So to help you. Answer some of these Questions. We’ve listed them below.

Believe that each of our customers is an individual. With their own taste, style and personality. With renovation projects, we want them to express themselves. By being able to choose their own results, not pre-selected results.

It is not uncommon for construction companies. To buy finished goods from different suppliers. Thus, the company saves time, facilitates delivery and provides less paperwork for processing. So they only offer 1-3 different options, resulting in many projects looking the same.

Our company has made connections with local and online customers. We encourage our clients to take advantage of this relationship. To help ensure a unique project every time.

Besides, each supplier has plumbing, cabinets, flooring, electricity, computer equipment. Have the same features and can offer more competitive prices for each finish.

It insured and affiliated with every city in which we operate. We also collect liability insurance certificates. From subcontractors and vendors we use on our projects. We ask for permission and have our work inspected by inspectors. Has required by the various municipalities where we operate.

We tell our clients not to work with contractors. Who do not get a permit. Ask the homeowner to get the homeowner’s permit. Pulling permits and going through inspections takes more time and more money. But in the end they are there to protect homeowners. The supervisor’s job is to ensure that the project carried out in a manner. That complies with the latest safety codes and procedures.

Our company offers a free initial assessment. One revision or modification. If you own your property or have an offer accepted to sale it. Have been pre-selected by your lender.

Any estimate revisions will bill at $300 each (paid in advance). To cover the time and resources associated with the estimate revision. If the revision involves more work. Increases the total cost of the work. You will bill $300 for your approved version.

In the ongoing project, we offer free change orders to the first 2 customers who request them. All customer change orders add an more 300Rs each (paid in advance). If the change order includes more wore. Increases the total cost of the work, a 300Rs fee will apply to your approved change order.

Before putting together your proposal. We do our best to our best to provide you with the best. Ask questions to understand your project. We rely on our vast experience and do our best to include as many of your content and upgrades as possible. But, we often work with structures before built by others. More work will result in extra costs. Due to unforeseen circumstances or changes requested by the home owner. Since rescheduling is not an exact science. We recommend you budget for real-time contingencies to account for these situations.

Our estimates are not only accurate. They are more detailed.

This is why…

Traditional renovation and construction estimates describe your project in vague, broad strokes. Then offer a lump sum as a cost that allows you to determine what is and isn’t included. Instead of leaving a very gray area in the forecast. We choose to be honest to our customers. From the beginning and take a completely different approach.

We break down our prices by trade category. Providing a complete scope of work for each trade. Actual allowances for finished materials based on historical data from our other projects. This reflects the actual cost of your project. Reduces the number of changes you can expect during construction.

With experience. We have completed more than 2,500 renovation and construction projects. So we have a good understanding of what it takes to complete your project. This explains why our estimates will usually be longer than other contractors.

If you hire a contractor who offers a more generic proposal. You risk more unexpected. Extra costs in the future. Without a detailed quote, how do you know what the estimate is?. Our estimate reduces this risk. Because it amounts to the total processing of your request details. There are no hidden costs (other than invisible) or questions about. That is or isn’t included in the project. Because we provide a completely transparent estimate. That covers your project from start to finish. The total cost depends on the project decisions you make.

With all this in mind, comparing our offer to others is not always a fair comparison. We approach your project at a granular level. Where most other contractors will give you a 30,000-foot view. With the level of complexity in remodeling and construction projects, at Ali estate. You can rest easy. Knowing that you can partner with a competent company. That is willing to work with you in honest way.